What if…

I am wrestling with what this looks like for our church.
How do you set up a church that equips for, but does not take away from, our task in the world.
Even though we are trying to focus on our mission, just maintaining our church services takes a lot of effort.
How do we equip people and set them free to be disciples… and not just go to church?


  1. By starting a discipleship program for those who are serious about wanting to become disciples. It’s almost like if you look at the word “crave”. When one craves something more than what the world offers and then the word “core”. When a follower has attained Jesus but wants to look at the “core” of being his disciple. Taking it one step further. How cool would it be to start a group called the “core”?

    Not everyone is ready or don’t even want to be disciples, some of us are just hungry and looking to be fed rather than being on the mission he sent us out in the world to be. I agree Sundays do take a lot of effort, but it’s worth it.

  2. I like this Talia. I have been re-evaluating our values and priorities as a church, and am starting to think we need to put discipleship at the center of what we do… not outreach. I am going to pray about this, but investing in this “CORE” seems like a good and necessary next step. Thanks.

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