1. I have no idea if this is right, but these are what come to mind.
    1) To live in a way that exemplifies who Jesus is through your sharing, loving, time, energy, etc
    2) Someone who actively spreads the good news of Jesus
    3) Maybe it means stepping back from your own plans and desires to focus and learn about Jesus more in a deeper way.
    4) Living out the commands of Christ (in the best way possible)
    5) Talking to others for input and ideas on what it means

    When I think about Jesus’s disciples. Each and everyone one of them had their own flaws, brokenness, struggle and still became the best imitators of Christ himself. I can imagine that for them too, it was difficult at times being a disciple, being held accountable and all. Especially when Jesus says to them I am leaving now, but I have sent you a comforter. I would imagine they would feel disappointed, their only Teacher was leaving and they would now have to become true disciples on their own.

    When I did a discipleship program as a teenager, I’ll admit it. I did not like it at all at first. I was so excited and then came these guidelines that were supposed to help us focus on Christ’s mission. We had to write in journals per week and our youth pastor by accountability read them, and so on. The entries consisted of questions or reflections. Then there was limits on how much computer use we had each week, TV, and other stuff that appeared to be a “distraction.”

    I was all like, can’t we learn together to become disciples without having to give up all the other stuff? It was then in my question that I realized in order for me to even begin focusing on “what it means to be a disciple.” I had to first empty myself of my own desires and mission to focus on His. I found I had started not to care about all the distractions that took my time away from prayer and God. It was sort of like “take up your cross, and follow Me.”

    Ok. I’m done now 🙂

  2. A follower. All of the disciples in the bible sacrificed things to learn from Jesus and follow him. He taught by example, through parables, by repetition. Jesus didn’t give them a lengthy list of rules. The disciples learned by spending time with Jesus and experiencing situations with Him and watching how He handled them. I would say being a disciple of Jesus means to learn from His teaching and also walk with Jesus day to day through life’s experiences and allow Him to shape my responses. Easier said than done.

  3. Thanks Karen and Talia. Your input is great, I wish more people had answered. Oh well. I’m sensing in what you say that (1) a disciple knows they’re not perfect, and wants/needs Jesus help’ to be better (2) a disciple is eager to learn from Jesus, to live like Jesus (3) a disciple is not interested in religion, or just following religious rules, but they want their lives to reflect the joy and joy and peace of Jesus (4) a disciple wants share this love and joy and peace, and especially the Jesus behind them, because they want everyone to be truly happy and blessed (5) a disciple knows its not easy to live this way, but keeps at it because they trust in God for mercy and help, and can lean on God’s grace and Holy Spirit in their weakness.

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