Survey: What is a disciple?

This past Sunday I surveyed our congregation with this question: what is a disciple? The call of Jesus is to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). But if we do not know what a disciple is, how can we make them. If we as a church do not have the same idea of what a disciple is, how can we make them together? The answers below are a starting point, but we will need to unpack them some more if we are going to do a better job of making disciples.

What is a disciple?
Sunday, November 15, 2015
Crossroads Church

  1. Not sure
  2. A follower of Jesus
  3. A follower of Jesus
  4. A follower of Jesus
  5. A follower of Jesus
  6. A follower of Jesus
  7. A follower of Jesus
  8. A follower and teacher of Jesus’ ways
  9. A follower of Jesus working towards becoming more like Him
  10. A follower of Jesus in work and in deeds
  11. A follower of Christ
  12. A follower and believe of Christ
  13. A follower of God
  14. A devoted follower, while imperfect themselves, they still strive to understand grace
  15. A student
  16. A leader called upon by Jesus to help lead others to Him
  17. Someone who follows Jesus and spreads the word
  18. Someone who follows the teaching of Jesus
  19. Someone who follows Jesus and has a burden to share the good news
  20. Someone who follows Jesus and is available to be used by Him
  21. Someone who follows God
  22. Someone who spreads the word of Jesus
  23. Someone who follows Jesus’ teachings and shares it with those he meets
  24. Someone who desires to follow Jesus and puts that desire into practice
  25. Someone who follows and tries to live like Jesus
  26. Someone who tries to do God’s good works
  27. Someone who attempts to live like Jesus
  28. Someone who reflects Jesus and tells the world
  29. Someone who follows to the best of their ability to love the way Jesus did
  30. Someone who spends time with God/Jesus, aims to be like Jesus, demonstrates the love of Jesus
  31. Someone chosen by Jesus to be an example
  32. Someone who commits their life to Jesus and to following His example and teachings
  33. Someone who carries the word of the Lord and helps to understand the word of God
  34. Someone who is willing to be taught by Jesus and then willing to serve Him with their whole being
  35. Living like Jesus, being like Jesus, spreading God’s word
  36. The working hands of Jesus
  37. Those who live to love and show Jesus’ love and gift of eternal life to others
  38. An example and messenger of Jesus’ Word
  39. A devoted follower, friend, advocate, messenger.
  40. A devout follower
  41. A follower of the Word, a willing teacher of the Word, by example or spreading of the Word
  42. A committed heper/follower of Jesus

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