Because of Jesus!!!

Positive thinking is not enough to change your life.
Just saying these sentences does not make them come true.
But when you believe in a Good God behind all reality…
Then these statements, anchored in God, can change your life.
These things are true because God makes them true, because of Jesus.
Behind every statement, add the words ‘because of Jesus!’
Because Jesus is there with us through every situation and struggle.
Trusting God is not a guarantee of an easy life… ask Jesus.
Jesus went through suffering, death and hell.
Through it all He believed these things because He trusted God.
He lived, suffered, died – and rose again – WITH us and FOR us.
Keep telling yourself this as you go through your trials.
He paved the way for us to follow Him.
Set your mind on these things, because of Jesus.
Tell yourself these things each day, because of Jesus.
Write them on cards or post-it notes, because of Jesus.
The are signs of the Saviour Who has experienced them!
They are reminders of the God Who guarantees them.
They are promises of the triumph you will one day experience too…
Because of Jesus!

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