‘Its going to blow!!!’

“My guilt has become too much for me. It is a load too heavy to carry.” (Psalm 38:4)
David is in a bad place: physically, mentally, emotionally and socially tormented.
He traces the cause to his immoral choices, his doing something that he knows is wrong.
And now he feels the weight of his sin and guilt, and he’s about to blow!
Its like a ‘tractor pull’, where a tractor pulls a trailer with a weight on it.
The weight starts at the back, slowly moves to the front, making it harder to pull.
The longer we carry unconfessed sin and unresolved guilt, the heavier it becomes.
As in a tractor pull, the tractor eventually gets stuck, and sometimes the engine blows up.
I recently read about a murderer on the run for 7 years who finally turned himself in.
The burden and pressure of life on the run became too much to carry.
I think of Judas, who cannot face his shame and regret, and takes his own life (Matthew 27:1-5).
David shows us a better way – not denial or blameshifting, but honesty and repentance.
David recognizes his own fault and runs to the God he has betrayed and pleads for mercy.
I sense the Lord asking me which way I will go: will I try to pull this guilt until I explode?
Or will I turn to God for grace and mercy and help, and allow Him to remove the burden from me?
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I hear You saying to me that I need to be honest like this too. Help me to experience the weight of guilt enough to change before my engine blows!

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  1. Down and out.
    Nothing seems to be going my way.
    Everything is against me.
    No hope.
    No friends.
    All alone.
    And yet . . .
    there is hope. Light. Life.
    Take it all to the Lord in prayer.
    Talk with God.
    Leave it all at the cross.
    I have a Saviour.
    He answers.
    I have life in Him today and all my tomorrows.
    He is my answer.
    He is my Rock.
    My Redeemer.

    My Jesus, my Saviour,
    Lord there is none like you.
    All of my days, I want to praise,
    The wonders of your mighty love.

    My comfort, my shelter,
    Power of refuge and strength.
    Let every breath, all that I am,
    Never cease to worship you.

    Shout to the Lord let us sing,
    Power and majesty, praise to the King.
    Mountains bow down and the seas will roar,
    At the sound of your Name.
    I’ll sing for Joy at the works of your hands.
    Forever I’ll love you, forever I’ll stand.
    Nothing compares to the promise,
    I have in you.

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