A desire for integrity!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Matthew 27:6-10
“It is against the law to put this into the treasury, since it is blood money.” (Matthew 27:6)
It is ironic to hear the religious leaders talk about ‘against the law’.
This blood money was the money they paid to have Jesus betrayed.
Their hands are already stained, this act of ‘integrity’ won’t clean that up.
We cannot cover our misdeeds with good deeds, or bury our sin under religious obedience.
Jesus was forever challenging the religious leaders for their hypocrisy.
Their focus was on publicly obeying the laws, while practically disregarding the Law.
Following the rules, but showing little concern for the intent of these rules.
As a Jesus follower, I need to be concerned about inward integrity, not just outward duty.
There’s a big difference between a bridge that LOOKS safe, and a bridge that IS safe.
We need to be concerned about the integrity of the bridge, not just its appearance.
Jesus was not rebuking their flaws, but their refusal to admit them… pretending to be righteous.
As Jesus followers, we need to stop thinking that we are better than others, more righteous.
Instead we need to be honest, we need to admit our flaws, we need to be willing to change.
Our hope is in God’s grace, not in our supposed obedience to the law… He sees right through that.
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, You know my structural flaws, You know where I lack integrity. Help me to grow towards greater honesty and greater integrity!

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  1. And the chief priests said it was against the law?
    What had they been doing?
    Didn’t they see all their actions were against the law?
    They decided.
    Together they had met and decided.
    The money would be used to buy the potter’s field. A field not worth much, but in the eyes of the people, the priests were doing good. Save face. Make an impression. Live the lie. Deceive. Make it look good.
    Those who were to show the people how to live were deceivers. God sees through it all.
    God’s people, all Christians need to live in His Way, the way of truth and life. And only He will mark the Way.
    Follow Him.
    Be people walking in His SonLight.
    SonShine each day anew.

    Grace and truth shall mark the way
    Where the Lord His own will lead,
    If His Word they still obey
    And His testimonies heed.

    For Thy Name’s sake hear Thou me,
    For Thy mercy, Lord, I wait;
    Pardon my iniquity,
    For my sin is very great.

    He who walks in godly fear
    In the path of truth shall go;
    Peace shall be his portion here,
    And his sons all good shall know.

    They that fear and love the Lord
    Shall His holy friendship know;
    He will grace to them accord,
    And His faithful covenant show.

    Ever are my longing eyes
    On the Lord, whose watchful care,
    When my foes their plots devise,
    Keeps my feet from every snare.

    Turn to me, Thy grace impart,
    I am desolate indeed;
    Great the troubles of my heart;
    Save Thou me, O Lord, I plead.

    Look on mine afflicted state,
    Freely all my sins forgive;
    Mark my foes, their cruel hate;
    Keep my soul and let me live.

    Shame me not; I hide in Thee;
    Truth and right preserve me still;
    Mark Thy people, Lord my God,
    Save Thou from every ill.

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