Never forsaken!!!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Matthew 27:45-53
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46)
At this precise moment, we are standing at the center of human history.
Think of the fall into sin (Genesis 3) as a high speed shift from ‘Drive’ to ‘Reverse’.
Here we are witnessing a high speed shift into ‘Drive’ again.
Jesus is receiving the curse of sin (Genesis 2:17), even though He does not deserve it.
These are real words, not a hollow bible study quote of the Jewish bible.
What was supposed to happen to Adam, Eve and all of us, happens here to Jesus.
All the powers of darkness descend upon Jesus, and God does nothing to stop it.
Darkness, earthquake, bodies rising… these are dramatic signs of a world-changing moment.
And with the tearing of the curtain, the division between God and humanity is finally, fully removed!
I may feel deserted, I may face disappointment with God, but it will never be like this.
In fact, because Jesus was separated from God’s love, NOTHING can separate me from God’s love!
Satan is defeated, the curse is reversed, death is beaten and humanity is restored.
Because of Jesus, God’s kingdom is being restored, and I am secure in Jesus.
Because of Jesus, I can say with absolute certainty, ‘My God, my God, You will never forsake me!’
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, thank You for taking the curse for me, for showing me how far You will go for me. Thank You that You will never desert me!

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  1. Jesus also was forsaken by God – separation from the Father. He took on what we/I deserved. And that separation is the death of man. We were created to be in His presence and to be out of His presence is death. Yet Christ gave His Spirit for life for you and me.
    And all the happenings that occurred at this time – the loud voice, the temple curtain, the earthquake, tombs opening up, dead people walking around – what impact would this have upon the people? My Lord and my God should have been their proclamation.
    A foretaste of the resurrection in Jesus Christ of the resurrection for the Life in Christ for those who believe?

    My Jesus, my Saviour,
    Lord there is none like you.
    All of my days, I want to praise,
    The wonders of your mighty love.

    My comfort, my shelter,
    Power of refuge and strength.
    Let every breath, all that I am,
    Never cease to worship you.

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