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  1. Welll…
    I agree one hundred percent! I was actually thinking about this in my bed last night. That sometimes Jesus gives us these tests in life, to see if we will trust Him first (the whole test before the lesson kind of deal.)Will we take the easy way? Instead of doing what’s right? Then when we try to do what’s easy because of personal reasons, or personality, or say problems related to anything like work, a marriage, etc. Instead of choosing to do what’s right by sticking situations out, and trusting God – we want to control the scenarios by putting our trust well… in ourselves. Some doors are open but we have to be wise about which one we enter through.
    So in a sense that sounds all complicated, our society tells us to live for ourselves and watch out for number one. That’s an easy way to live. Jesus calls a more radical way of living. I know what it’s like to love when it hurts to love, and when I say “but God- these people aren’t getting it! Do something already! And He simply says, why don’t you? I’ve more than equipped you to bring our radical change by loving others the way I love you, and forgive you. So stop being lukewarm, and be a doer now instead of a bench warmer!
    Soooo yeah (:
    Love until it hurts even when you are completely frustrated and you don’t want to love because love is really all we have.

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