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Following Jesus – simple but not easy?

What do you think?

Following Jesus is…

Fill in the blank, what would you say? Following Jesus is ____________________

Asking questions!!!

Forget Christmas, let’s follow Jesus!

So what do you think of what this video has to say? Personally I do not get worked up about ‘keeping Christ in Christmas’. Why should we be surprised if non-Christians don’t want to focus on Jesus? But we should be surprised, and concerned, when Christians don’t. The issue for me is not putting Christ […]

When the church feels like this

The one passion every disciple should have!

Found this quote online. Changed one word, substituted ‘disciple’ for ‘pastor’. “To pursue ministry but not having a passion for the gospel and fulfilling the Great Commission is like pursuing medicine, but not liking patients. I suppose you can manage along, but you will lack fruitfulness and joy. Most troubling of all, you will hinder […]

“I didn’t know???”

Because of Jesus!!!

Positive thinking is not enough to change your life. Just saying these sentences does not make them come true. But when you believe in a Good God behind all reality… Then these statements, anchored in God, can change your life. These things are true because God makes them true, because of Jesus. Behind every statement, […]

Do it anyway!

Dancing in the rain?

So what do you think of this quote? If we wait to dance when things get better, will we never dance? Is dancing a way of denying the storm, being in self-denial? Or is a dancing spirit a sign of faith, hope and love… God’s Spirit in us? I think of Jesus resting in the […]