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When the church feels like this

The one passion every disciple should have!

Found this quote online. Changed one word, substituted ‘disciple’ for ‘pastor’. “To pursue ministry but not having a passion for the gospel and fulfilling the Great Commission is like pursuing medicine, but not liking patients. I suppose you can manage along, but you will lack fruitfulness and joy. Most troubling of all, you will hinder […]

“I didn’t know???”

Because of Jesus!!!

Positive thinking is not enough to change your life. Just saying these sentences does not make them come true. But when you believe in a Good God behind all reality… Then these statements, anchored in God, can change your life. These things are true because God makes them true, because of Jesus. Behind every statement, […]

Do it anyway!

Dancing in the rain?

So what do you think of this quote? If we wait to dance when things get better, will we never dance? Is dancing a way of denying the storm, being in self-denial? Or is a dancing spirit a sign of faith, hope and love… God’s Spirit in us? I think of Jesus resting in the […]

A prayer for 2016?

God shows up… through us!

Received this from someone today. A good reminder that God made us to be His representatives, His hands and feet. God is not doing nothing in the world today, He is working through those who are showing up, who are loving and serving and caring and sharing. And He is encouraging others – like you […]

Survey: Daily prayer and bible reading?

This past Sunday I surveyed our congregation about their daily prayer and bible reading. Forty people responded: — 19 said YES/YES — 16 said NO/YES — 5 said NO/NO These results are both encouraging, and an encouragement to find ways to help those who feel it is important but are not doing it yet. As […]

Survey: What is a disciple?

This past Sunday I surveyed our congregation with this question: what is a disciple? The call of Jesus is to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). But if we do not know what a disciple is, how can we make them. If we as a church do not have the same idea of what a disciple is, […]