The one passion every disciple should have!

Found this quote online. Changed one word, substituted ‘disciple’ for ‘pastor’.

“To pursue ministry but not having a passion for the gospel and fulfilling the Great Commission is like pursuing medicine, but not liking patients. I suppose you can manage along, but you will lack fruitfulness and joy. Most troubling of all, you will hinder God’s divine plan for reaching the world for Christ.

Ministry work is gospel work. A love for the lost, and a desire to see them come to know Christ, will be forward propulsion for your ministry. Don’t embark on ministry without a love for the gospel and the Great Commission. It’s the one passion every disciple must have.”

Overflowing with fruit!!!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Mark 11:12-14
“Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had any fruit.” (Mark 11:13)
Jesus’ action seems harsh, since “it was not the season for figs.” (v.14)
Apparently fig trees in Israel do produce fruit out of their normal season.
A fig tree in leaf, even out of season, was promising.
Until you got up close, until you looked within its branches.
Was Jesus just ‘hangry’, or was more going on in this incident.
In context, Jesus was welcomed by the crowds to Jerusalem but angered by the temple-keepers.
In other words, appearances are deceiving; Jerusalem is not a home-coming for the messiah.
They’ve got the foliage but not the fruit; the love of God and people are not on their branches.
What Jesus does here makes more sense as a parable, an object lesson.
Similar parables are found in Isaiah 5, Jeremiah 24, Luke 13:6-9, John 15:1-8.
The repeated message is that God is very frustrated and angry when we do not show love.
When we are full of pride, greed, lust, selfishness, cruelty, hate, impatience, deception.
Our present life is our opportunity to choose what fruit we will grow.
And the day is coming when Jesus will say ‘enough, you’ve made your decision, be fruitless!’
That day is coming… but now is the day for repentance, to choose good fruit.
When Jesus sees me from a distance, He may see leaves…
But what will He see if He looks into my life, my branches, my heart?
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, my life is meant to be FILLED with kindness, compassion, generosity, etc. May this be my passion, may this be my addiction, may this be what I aim for more than anything else!

Because of Jesus!!!

Positive thinking is not enough to change your life.
Just saying these sentences does not make them come true.
But when you believe in a Good God behind all reality…
Then these statements, anchored in God, can change your life.
These things are true because God makes them true, because of Jesus.
Behind every statement, add the words ‘because of Jesus!’
Because Jesus is there with us through every situation and struggle.
Trusting God is not a guarantee of an easy life… ask Jesus.
Jesus went through suffering, death and hell.
Through it all He believed these things because He trusted God.
He lived, suffered, died – and rose again – WITH us and FOR us.
Keep telling yourself this as you go through your trials.
He paved the way for us to follow Him.
Set your mind on these things, because of Jesus.
Tell yourself these things each day, because of Jesus.
Write them on cards or post-it notes, because of Jesus.
The are signs of the Saviour Who has experienced them!
They are reminders of the God Who guarantees them.
They are promises of the triumph you will one day experience too…
Because of Jesus!

Dancing in the rain?

So what do you think of this quote?
If we wait to dance when things get better, will we never dance?
Is dancing a way of denying the storm, being in self-denial?
Or is a dancing spirit a sign of faith, hope and love… God’s Spirit in us?
I think of Jesus resting in the boat during the storm.
He wasn’t dancing with His body, but maybe slowing dancing with His Spirit?
Refusing to let the rhythm of fear dictate His moves.
Refusing to let the struggle of doubt determine His mood.
Sensing in each rain drop the loving tears of God in the midst of your storm.
Allowing the wind of God’s Spirit to drive you…
And not the wind of circumstance, negativity or despair.
In all the noise, take time to pause and listen for God’s music.
See Him with His hand outstretched to you, inviting you to dance.

God shows up… through us!

Received this from someone today. A good reminder that God made us to be His representatives, His hands and feet. God is not doing nothing in the world today, He is working through those who are showing up, who are loving and serving and caring and sharing. And He is encouraging others – like you and me – to join in. Let’s make God visible today!

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