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Following Jesus — changes everything!

Actually, I think I disagree. Yes, hollow worship is harmless and risk free. But true worship, in spirit and truth, actually changes everything too. I would argue that worshipping Jesus and following Jesus are the same thing. But we have too narrow a definition of worship; we think of singing songs. Paul spoke of offering […]

Resurrection hope!

A reason to weep!

“Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified.” (Galatians 3:1) I remember watching Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” (2004) in the theatre. As Jesus’ suffering and death was clearly portrayed before me, I wept like a baby. It was not just that I was sickened by the violence and gore… […]

Following Jesus — trust AND obey!

What do you think?

Why should I follow Jesus?

Don’t be put off by the silly way this video approaches a serious question. Whether its just trying to be cute, or to reach a certain demographic that likes this kind of thing, look beyond the form and consider the content. What do you think?


I grew up in a traditional church where the worship was ‘reverent’. By reverent I mean formal, serious, orderly, with everyone quiet and appropriately dressed. There would be major concern if someone would have spoken out of turn… If someone expressed their worship too loudly or visibly… If someone clapped during the service or raised […]

Following Jesus – simple but not easy?

What do you think?

Following Jesus is…

Fill in the blank, what would you say? Following Jesus is ____________________

Asking questions!!!

Forget Christmas, let’s follow Jesus!

So what do you think of what this video has to say? Personally I do not get worked up about ‘keeping Christ in Christmas’. Why should we be surprised if non-Christians don’t want to focus on Jesus? But we should be surprised, and concerned, when Christians don’t. The issue for me is not putting Christ […]