less is more!

“Why do the Christ-centered spiritual movements in the East and developing world seem so much more vibrant than the church in the west? I found an inverse correlation between material possessions and spiritual vitality; the poorer the people and the less they relied on things money could buy, the more vibrant their spirituality. The more a group relied on dedicated buildings, professional clergy, sophisticated programs, and other religious accessories, the less spiritually alive they were. In the area of religion, less is more.”

[The Way of Jesus, Jonathan S. Campbell, p.16]

a seeker-intensive church

In recent years churches have worked hard to be “seeker-sensitive”.
That is, to remove all the unnecessary hindrances and roadblocks that would keep non-Christians from feeling welcome or from understanding what was going on.
Like churchy or in-house language or dress-codes or cliques or ignoring visitors or reserved seating or unwritten rules or negative, judgmental messages, etc.
So long as the necessary parts of Jesus’ message are communicated, and it isn’t watered down too far, this seeker-sensitivity is, in my opinion, a good thing. Continue reading ‘a seeker-intensive church’ »

count me in

Leaders, don’t ever apologize for the strength of feeling you have for the vision that God has put into your life. Don’t hide your feelings about it. God meant for you to feel as deeply about His vision for you as you do about anything. I mean that! Anything. Paint your God-given vision for family, friends, colleagues, and total strangers, if they will listen. Paint it as colourfully and passionately as you can! Just get it painted so that people’s hearts are stirred enough to shout, “Count me in!” (Bill Hybels, Ax-i-om, p.31)

LDN Monthly Sessions (1st Year)

September 27, 2008
“The Inward Disciplines” handout
“The Inward Disciplines” recording
“The Making of a Leader” handout
“The Making of a Leader” recording
September Homework Assignment

November 1, 2008
“Interpreting The Bible” handout (notes)
“Interpreting The Bible” handout (powerpoint)
“Interpreting The Bible” recording
“The Pentateuch” handout (notes)
“The Pentateuch” handout (powerpoint)
“The Pentateuch” recording
November Homework Assignment

December 6, 2008
“Reformed Perspectives” handout
“Reformed Perspectives” recording (not available)
“Self Leadership” handout
“Self Leadership” recording (not available)
Conducting A Spiritual Audit
The Art of Self Leadership
December Homework Assignment

January 10 , 2009
“Knowing God” handout
“Knowing God” recording
“Knowing Jesus” handout
“Knowing Jesus” recording
January Homework Assignment

February 7, 2009
Session Outline
“Knowing the Holy Spirit” handout
“Knowing the Holy Spirit” recording
“Missional Discipleship” handout
“Missional Discipleship” recording
February Homework Assignment
“Identify Your Ministry Focus” Worksheet

March 7, 2009
Session Outline
“Old Testament Survey” handout
“Old Testament Survey” recording
“How Christians Relate To Culture” handout
“How Christians Relate To Culture” recording
March Homework Assignment
“Discerning Our Calling” Worksheet

April 4, 2009
Session Outline
“New Testament Survey” handout
“New Testament Survey” recording
“Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” handout
“Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” recording
April Homework Assignment

May 2, 2009
Session Outline
“The Problem of Sin” handout
“The Problem of Sin” recording
“Spiritual Warfare” handout
“Spiritual Warfare” recording
May Homework Assignment
LDN Retreat Outline

dorothy on leadership

This article raises interesting and challenging thoughts on leadership today. N.S.

“How a Movie from our Childhood Can Help us Understand the Changing Nature of Leadership in the Postmodern Transition” By Brian D. McLaren

OK, I admit it. I spent most of the 80’s and early 90’s wishing I could be just like Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, or John Maxwell. They were successful. They appeared unflinchingly confident. They were powerful, knowledgeable, larger than life. I’d go to their seminars, and return home feeling wildly inspired and mildly depressed. How could I feel those two things at the same time? If you’ve attended their seminars, you probably don’t need me to explain.

To read the rest of this article, click here.

Curriculum (LDN East Site)

Year 1
— Your Spiritual Journey
— Spiritual Disciplines
— How To Read The Bible
— OT Survey
— Knowing God
— NT Survey
— Knowing Jesus Christ
— Missional Living
— Knowing the Holy Spirit
— Christian Spirituality
— The Mission of God
— Reformed Perspectives
— The Problem of Sin
— Spiritual Warfare
— Emotional Health
— Christ and Culture
— The Heart of a Leader
— The Task of a Leader

Year 2
— The Pentateuch
— Prayer
— The History Books
— Developing a Mission Statement
— The Wisdom Books
— Casting a Vision
— The Prophetic Books
— Developing an Action Plan
— Mentoring (1)
— Public Speaking
— Church History
— Assessing the Times
— The Christian Reformed Church
— Assessing the Church
— Family Systems
— Assessing Yourself
— Spiritual Rhythms
— ???

Year 3
— The Gospels
— Sharing Your Faith
— Living Your Strengths
— The Letters
— Social Justice/Compassion
— Leader Making
— The Acts of the Apostles
— Team Building (1)
— Team Building (2)
— The Book of Revelation
— Empowering Leadership
— Disciple Making
— World Religions
— Celebrating Cultural Diversity
— Mentoring (2)
— Creeds and Confessions
— Managing Change
— Missional Church
— Self-Leadership
— Managing Conflict/Criticism
— Church Planting
— Evaluation: Giving/Receiving Feedback
— Group Dynamics
— Changing a Church
— ???
— ???