Forget Christmas, let’s follow Jesus!

So what do you think of what this video has to say?
Personally I do not get worked up about ‘keeping Christ in Christmas’.
Why should we be surprised if non-Christians don’t want to focus on Jesus?
But we should be surprised, and concerned, when Christians don’t.
The issue for me is not putting Christ back into Christmas.
The issue is putting Christ back into Christians!!!
Not just in December, but through the year.
If Christians actually acted more like Jesus, we might attract others to focus on Him too.

What if…

I am wrestling with what this looks like for our church.
How do you set up a church that equips for, but does not take away from, our task in the world.
Even though we are trying to focus on our mission, just maintaining our church services takes a lot of effort.
How do we equip people and set them free to be disciples… and not just go to church?

A new day will come!!!

Sam inspires Frodo to not give up, no matter how dark the story gets.
“They kept going, because they were holding on to something!”
What Sam describes as ‘some good in this world’, I believe, points to God.
If there is no God, no standard of good or evil, then there is such thing as good or bad.
What is is; who’s to say that one thing is evil and one thing is good.
But we all intuitively sense that there ‘something good’ and it’s worth fighting for.
That’s because God created us to know – and to long for – good.
And yes, God is working towards a happy ending, no matter how dark this world gets.
Don’t give up, keep hanging on, keep pressing on, God and good will triumph one day!
A new day will come!!!

Is the internet making us stupid?

I watched this fascinating interview with Nicholas Carr. It has something to say about our growing inability to engage in deep thinking (contemplation, meditation, focussed thinking, reading books, concentration). People often tell me that they can’t concentrate when praying or reading the bible. I wonder if this has anything to do with it… rhetorical question! The internet is not bad, but out of balance it skews our ability to think in other ways. Watch it and let me know what you think… or if you can relate. If you want to go deeper, this two part interview goes further into it.
How the Internet is Rewiring Our Brains (Part 1) (25 min)
How the Internet is Rewiring Our Brains (Part 2) (25 min)

God loves it when we imitate Him!

Watching this video made me think of how God must feel when we try to imitate Him.
I’m convinced that when we try to imitate God’s love and mercy – with all our flaws and limitations – God smiles and says, ‘Beautiful, just beautiful!’
That’s what I thought when I watched this video.
Enjoy, and smile, and keep on singing God’s love to the world with all your heart!

Coffee time with God!

Bill Hybels shares a story of the life-changing experience of one man who makes times for God each day.
Do you have a chair, a place, where you spend time with God?
“We always have time for the things we value!”

When oceans rise…

This is a new song we sang on Sunday.
It speaks to experiencing God’s presence and power in the midst of life’s crashing waves.
Find a quiet place, turn off the lights, and allow the message of this song to draw you in, and up!
When oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace, for I am Yours and You are mine!
** NOTE ** It’s 9 minutes long, and may not be everyone’s worship style.