A powerful vision in song!

This song pictures the great multitude of those who will enter God’s eternal kingdom (see Revelation 7:14).
We will all be singing then… but for now it is a joy to here these men sing.
I went to school with the fourth guy who sings – second from left in the grey suit – Kevin Pauls.
Is it any wonder that he beat me for the star role in our school musical “Grease”.
I just couldn’t compete… thankfully when singing on that day I won’t have to!

“Humanity as it could be…”

What if we actually took the time to stop and ‘connect’ with strangers?
Would we find ourselves caring more?
Is it possible that this photographer is touching something important, something deep.
That deep down we are all family, all created by God as His children.
Sin builds walls that separate, that isolate, than alienate.
We are disconnected, we don’t care like we were created to care.
As long as we keep our distance from people, we keep our hearts closed to them.
In God’s kingdom, in God’s family, there are no strangers, there are no walls, everyone cares.
For a brief moment, these people experience ‘humanity as it could be…’

Look to the east!

I am reflecting on the end of times, when things seem to be going from bad to worse.
That will be a time when many will lose hope, and wonder where God is, and why He is taking so long.
A scene from the Lord of the Rings movie (The Two Towers) came to mind.
Watch this, and be encouraged; when everything looks bleak, look to the east!
Keep looking, keep hoping, at the right time, in the right way, the sun of hope will rise, the final trumpet will sound, and the Lord will appear!