The Romans Road Series (June 2016)

Reading through the book of Romans, we find Paul walking through three primary themes: sin, salvation, and service. Knowing these themes is essential to being a Jesus follower. Most importantly, they remind us that this life is all about GRACE, the free gift of God’s love and forgiveness FOR us, and expressed THROUGH us. Our messages will be based on Romans 7  (June 5), Romans 8 (June 19) and Romans 12 (June 26).

Life In The Spirit Series (May 2016)

LifeInTheSpirit - Series

This month we celebrate Pentecost (Sunday, May 15). The Holy Spirit connects us with Jesus, transforms us like Jesus and releases us for Jesus. Our messages will be based on John 14  (May 8), Galatians 5 (May 15), Acts 1 (May 22) and 1 Corinthians 12 (May 29).

A slow moving but overwhelming disaster!!!

A guest blog post by Jaqueline Koster, Regional Program Manger for East, Central, and Southern Africa, World Renew Disaster Response & Rehabilitation

I have been struggling this last month. My role as Regional Program Manager for World Renew takes me to places all over the world. On this trip, I am in Southern Africa and what I see has hurt my heart.

It is not just the food security challenges that I know are on the horizon for countries being hit by serious drought as a result of El Niño, but it is also the challenge that my peers and I face about how to communicate what is happening. Continue reading


reSet 2015

Crossroads Church is initiating a year of review and renewal for our mission and vision. Through the coming ministry season we will be visiting the congregation, meeting in smaller discussion groups, and hosting a Congregational Retreat in the spring of next year. Please be in prayer for Council and the Crossroads, that we may discern where the Lord is leading, and where we need to follow by faith.