crossroads experience

  1. Have you ever experienced a God-moment? A time when somehow, through some situation or experience, the Lord touches or challenges you deeply. The more aware we are of God, and of what is happening around us, the more we will experience this.
  2. God-moments are His way of getting our attention, either to reconnect us to Him, or to strengthen us in our relationship with Him. These holy moments are also moments of decision, a crossroads of sorts. We can either choose to welcome and receive what He is offering us, or we can close our hearts and refuse.
  3. Through the prophet Jeremiah, the old covenant people of Israel are having a God-moment… and it is not a pleasant one. The Lord is challenging them for their refusal to love and obey Him. He is warning them, rebuking them, pleading with them, but to no use.
  4. In Jeremiah 6:16, the Lord (through Jeremiah) challenges them to renew their decision for Him: This is what the LORD says: ‘Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.’ But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’
  5. The Lord is still calling us to choose for Him. He personally enters the world Himself as Jesus, God in the flesh. Again and again He repeats His appeal to return to Him, to surrender our lives and hearts to Him and to His Kingdom. If we do come to Him, we will find rest for our souls (Matthew 11:28-30).
  6. Each time the Lord does something in our lives, we stand at a crossroads moment, a moment of decision. How is He trying to get your attention today? Where is He encouraging you? Where is He challenging you? Where is He calling you to go? What is He calling you to do?
  7. You cannot answer these questions unless you stand at the crossroads and look, that is, take steps and time to listen and learn from the Lord. What we normally call “prayer” is talking things through with Him. If we don’t take the time, we will miss the opportunities.
  8. This summer [2008] is an opportunity to step back, slow down and spend intentional quiet time with the Lord. It is an opportunity to renew our commitment to following Jesus, and to serving with Him in His kingdom mission.
  9. As you talk things through with Him, reflect on some of these questions: How is He trying to get your attention today? Where is He encouraging or challenging you? Where is He calling you to go? What is He calling you to do? What is He calling your ‘church’ to be? What is He calling your ‘church’ to do?
  10. Feel free to share your God-moments, your stories, or the ways that God is challenging you. Feel free to share your thoughts on how the ‘church’ needs to change or grow.


  1. When I was praying this morning I realized that I have to ask God to enable me to put Him first andl to love Him first.
    I want to
    I aim to
    but I cannot do it myself.
    That is like the CS Lewis quote the other day about give Him my whole self so He can change all of me to be like Him.
    It is humbling to admit I cannot do it myself.
    But He wants us to come like children anyway and what a blessing that is.
    We want to love Him and He enables us to love Him!
    He is amazing. Praise You Lord!

  2. This convicting, thanks for sharing this. If I think about it, my first goal is for the crossroads ministry to succeed, for us to be an effective kingdom-building, disciple-making community.

    Good goals, but not seeking Him first. I guess I need to repent and pray through this too….

  3. Last Sunday I was reminded that a person behaves acording to what their goals are. I proudly thought, I have good goals, I want to serve God….
    Smack! the Holy Spirit jolted me! I saw that my first goal had become “let God love other people through me” This is important -but it can’t be the first goal!
    It should be to love the Lord with all your heart! (Matt.22:37)
    I was shocked, I don’t know when the other became more important. I repented, I asked forgiveness, I do want to love the Lord first.
    What does the practical out working of loving the Lord first mean?…it is hard to explain but it changed me, who I am, what I do… It is easier to spend time praising God and thanking Him. My thoughts turn to Him more, not what He is doing or what I or someone else needs help with but to Him!

  4. Our small group is doing an inductive study on Haggai/Zech/Malachi. As I listened to the sermon at Crossroads today I could not help but laugh at how God works in our lives. I felt convicted I should be at church today but was reluctant to go. After hearing the scripture I realized I was there for a reason. Until today I was seeing my dryness (Haggai 1:3-6) as a punishment but realized God was getting my attention.
    After reading Zech. 1-2 (re: our Bible study) I was left with the impression that we are His temple and should radiate His glory (to others). I needed to ask myself whether I am this to others and sadly my answer is not always. God wants our first fruits NOT THE LEFTOVERS. God only asks us to put Him first and THEN TO love our neighbors. You mentioned the acronym JOY (Jesus, others and then yourself). How easy and yet so hard!

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