refusing a great banquet

Special thanks to Jill Hamming from PEI who is writing the devotionals on the readings from Luke (with help from L.E.Porter’s commentary on Luke).

SCRIPTURE: Luke 14:15-24


  1. This passage immediately brought to mind that song entitled, The Wedding Banquet, written by the Medical Mission Sisters in the 60’s. It is a happy, catchy tune that we have enjoyed singing on many occasions. I think I will never want to sing it again. Because really, this parable is a very sad story, -it should be sung as a mournful dirge.
  2. The man (God) invited many people to a great banquet. (God told the Jews, for centuries, that He was preparing a way for them to be reconciled to Him). When the time came the invited quests refused to come, they were too busy. (Many of the Jews refused to welcome Jesus their Saviour) The man invited more people, from all over the place including the disabled, and the poor. (God invites everyone in the whole world to come to him some do and some don’t) The man says those originals who refused will not get so much as a taste of the banquet! (Jesus says; if we don’t except His offer we are not part of God’s Kingdom.)
  3. It is a terribly serious thing to reject Jesus. It is the most important thing you will ever decide in your whole life. You would miss the best relationship in the whole universe.

Oh God, I know how much You love me, love the whole world…. You don’t want to reject us, yet You have to if we don’t choose You. Keep on stirring our hearts…drawing us to You. Amen.

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