Disciple-making at the work

“We are discipling people every day in our work—as we treat a customer with respect, help out a coworker with his or tasks, respect the boss even when others grumble behind his back, seek justice in the way we do our business, make the workplace a more peaceful place to be, offer to go the extra mile to get the work done and done right, etc. How are you making disciples by the way you do your work?” (Alan Hirsch)

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  1. I soooo love this! I am trying to do this in my own workplace by trying to support my boss and supervisor the best way I can. I find even when it becomes tough to do this, that I think to myself, well how would Jesus respond? I want to give my all each and everyday ( not to be like – oh she’s a good worker) but so that I can help and let the light of Christ shine through me somehow. This is a good reminder too for say we work an office job (sooo not me) if we always have our office door shut or appear too busy for others, are we missing out on real life opportunities to just be even available to someone in need?

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