life in the battlezone

SCRIPTURE: 1 Peter 1


  1. Lord, You inspired Peter to write these words to Your scattered, persecuted followers, reminding them of their solid foundation (chosen by, secure in God) and their solid hope (an inheritance that cannot perish, spoil or fade), in order to inspire them to STAND FIRM and to BE HOLY, no matter what happens. My circumstances are different, but the solid foundation and hope remain true for me, and I too must hear the call to STAND FIRM and to BE HOLY!
  2. Because I am in hostile territory, everyday is a battle zone. Therefore I need to prepare my mind for action. I will be tested, and when I stand firm, my faith is proved genuine and results in praise, glory and honour when Jesus comes back. How am I being tested/tempted today? What is the specific battle I am facing? Where is the enemy on the prowl around me?
  3. To live in reverend fear. A healthy respect for God, but also a healthy respect for the dangers and challenges of life, including the enemy. People who enter a battlezone without a healthy respect for their environment will likely get shot and killed. How many times are we warned to be on guard. Lord, I hear You challenging me to be on guard, to be aware of the sneaky and subtle ways the enemy is lurking and luring me to defeat.
  4. I have been “born again” through the living and enduring word of God. This is not a reference to the bible but to Jesus (and the message about Him), Who by the Spirit through the message generates a new life, a new person. The bible speaks to this new reality, and the Spirit can generate this new life through its message. But the key to life is not the bible, but the living and enduring Word of God, namely Jesus.

Lord, You have generated new life in me, and I belong to You. Help my to live this new life… to be like You, to live for You. May I live my life in reverend fear, confident in You and not in myself. Amen.

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