You have called me higher!

Someone recommended this song to me as we consider the call we have received.
A good reminder that this specific vocational call is part of a bigger calling.
I am called to grow deeper and stronger and fuller in my life in Christ!
Sitting around and waiting, playing it safe, avoiding difficulties is not our calling.
God placed Adam and Eve in a beautiful garden; they could just stay put… but…
They would have missed out on what God wanted to do in and through them.
“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” (Genesis 1:28)
This involves moving out, not staying put; embracing change and not safety.
As a Jesus follower, what are you aiming for – or settling for?
We are called to go, not to retreat.
We were made to live for, not to hide from.
‘A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.’ (William G.T. Shedd)
Jesus is asking YOU to answer His call, to follow Him with Your life.
Who is He asking you to be for Him?
What is He asking you to do for Him?
Where is He calling you to serve for Him?

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  1. Wellll…
    I agree with you obviously 🙂 This is the message that every “Christian” or follow of Jesus needs to hear. (Not saying I am any better) but there should be more sermons based on that – but oh wait what if we offend someone? What if we aren’t catering to the needs of the pulpits which is sitting comfortable in the pew feeling like because they sang a couple songs, heard a message- they did their good deed for the week and REPEAT.

    Ahem yeah – not really soul satisfying or at least what Jesus had in mind. As much as I sometimes hate being thrown out in the sea, chaos of life, the uncharted waters of the unknown. I am thankful for the uncertain times, the difficult times. Even when it hurts like hell. I would rather be in a place of uncertainties where God can move than a place of total security where it just becomes for a lack of a better word, comfortable. It is better to get out and fail, than to have not failed at all by not trying. I don’t know where Jesus is calling me, I don’t know my plans next month to next year. I do know He is asking me to trust Him anyway.

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