Jesus is my interior decorator!

“I will live among the Israelites and will not abandon my people Israel.” (1 Kings 6:13)
Imagine that someone very important asked to stay at YOUR house.
Which room would you give them, how would you prepare that room?
Would you be excited to have them come, or embarrassed to let them stay?
Would you give them your own room, or just the pull out couch?
The temple was a room prepared for God to ‘live among’ His people.
Solomon spares no expense, and makes an awesome place fit for the King.
“As for this temple you are building, if you follow my decrees….” (1 Kings 6:12)
God is not looking for a “worthy room” but “worthy lives”.
He knows our sin, and yet chose to move in to a stable to rescue us.
As Jesus followers, we have surrendered our hearts to Jesus, to be His temples.
Not just a room or a bed, we have given Him to key and made Him the owner.
He has entered our hearts as they are, but He will not leave them that way.
The Spirit of Jesus is living in us, and He is transforming us into worthy temples.
He knows us inside out; why not let Him take charge of your interior decoration!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, You are not interested in impressive church buildings, large donations or fancy church clothes. You are making me impressive on the inside, a reflection of Your character. I need You to be my interior decorator.

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