Three days later!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Mark 10:32-34
“Three days later he will rise.” (Mark 10:34)
By describing Himself as the “Son of Man”, He is claiming to be the Messiah.
But why then does He speak of suffering and death and resurrection?
This was not the path the disciples expected for the Messiah.
As Jesus followers, it is important we understand the path of Jesus.
In order to beat Satan, Jesus needed to face Satan.
Satan used every trick in the book, even torture and death, to beat Jesus.
But for the first time in human history, someone refuses to give in to Satan.
Jesus is the first Adam to break free from Satan’s grip, and the curse is lifted.
The curse of death (Genesis 2:17) does not apply to Jesus, because He does not sin.
As Jesus followers, we know that it is Jesus Who defeats the devil for us.
But to follow Him, we must join with Him on the path towards Jerusalem.
Refusing Satan will also mean suffering for us, but he cannot defeat us.
We belong to Jesus, and Jesus is taking us with Him into LIFE.
We will struggle in this sin-cursed world, but “three days later” we will rise!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, You have beaten Satan, sin, death and hell for me. Help me to look beyond the present suffering to the promised resurrection three days later!

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  1. Jesus follower. That’s what the disciples were.
    What would happen to Jesus would certainly happen to the disciples. The religious leaders stoned dissenters; the Romans crucified them.
    Jesus once again is preparing His followers of the road ahead. The darkness is coming but there is Light at the end of the tunnel.
    The suffering servant must travel this road to overcome – to defeat once and for all – Satan. And as His follower today, I too will struggle but I too will overcome some day and live with my risen Saviour. I too will rise.
    And in the meantime He has sent His Spirit to lead and guide me through each day to stay the course following Him.

    I am weak and I need Thy strength and power,
    To help me over my weakest hour.
    Let me through the darkness Thy face to see,
    Lead me, oh Lord lead me.

    Lead me, guide me along the way,
    For if you lead me I cannot stray.
    Lord, let me walk each day with Thee.
    Lead me, oh Lord lead me.

    Verse 2
    Help me tread in the paths of righteousness.
    Be my aid when Satan and sin oppress.
    I am putting all my trust in Thee:
    Lead me, oh Lord lead me.

    Verse 3
    I am lost if you take your hand from me,
    I am blind without Thy light to see.
    Lord just always let me thy servant be,
    Lead me, oh Lord lead me.

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