The life we were made and saved for!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Mark 10:41-45
“The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.” (Mark 10:45)
The ‘Son of Man’ is the promised seed of Eve, sent to crush Satan (Genesis 3:15).
Satan tempted Adam and Eve to serve themselves, their own desires and wants.
Humanity as a whole has become enslaved to self-serving, looking out for #1.
But Jesus breaks this cycle; He defeats Satan by refusing to be selfish.
As Jesus followers, serving others is not just what we do out of gratitude.
It is the essence of the “life to the full” that Jesus saved us for.
Serving God and others is how we were designed to live in Eden.
We cannot be truly happy or fulfilled until we start living like this.
Jesus saved us BY living this way, Jesus saved us FOR living this way!
Serving God and others is how we engage in spiritual warfare.
Satan’s only weapon is deception, using the same lies he used on Adam and Eve.
He whispers, ‘think about yourself, try that you’ll like it, it will make you happy!’
Jesus urges us not to listen to Satan’s lies, or imitate those who do.
Instead join with Jesus in defeating Satan by loving and serving God and others!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, my selfish nature runs deep. May Your Spirit run deeper, and draw me into the life that is truly LIFE – loving and serving God and others!

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  1. Isaiah called Jesus the suffering Servant Who paid the dept to make us/me free. Jesus did the unthinkable – selfless love for His people to make them free. To serve is to reign with Him. I need to lay down my life in humble service for others. I must be a servant true – seek to serve rather than be served.

    Make me a servant Humble and meek
    Lord let me lift up
    Those who are weak
    And may the prayer
    Of my heart always be
    Make me a servant
    Make me a servant
    Make me a servant today

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