Working with God and doctors!

THE STORY OF JESUS: 2 Chronicles 14-17
“He did not seek help from the Lord, but only from the physicians.” (2 Chronicles 16:12)
At first king Asa seeks the Lord, but eventually he stops.
He became more confident in his own abilities and accomplishments.
He also trusted his doctors more than God.
God does not ask us to forget our abilities, nor to just do nothing and wait.
God created us as partners, working together in the world as partners.
We can consult physicians, but we should do so WITH God, not instead of God.
We can plant fields, and harvest crops, but always aware of God’s hand in it.
We are to pray AND work, not just pray, and not just work.
When you are sick, do you also seek God’s help, or only the doctors?
When you are facing a crisis, do you only rely on your resources?
When you do your work, do you involve the Lord in your decisions and actions?
Am I taking on this job confident in MY abilities, or in OUR partnership?
As a Jesus follower, I need to work, but I also need to pray, to rely on God.
We are partners, and He will work with me, if I work with Him!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I do not go it alone, neither will You do it all for me. Help me to do my part with You, trusting You to establish the work of my hands.

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  1. The land had peace because the king did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord. He called upon the Lord in his daily affairs such as war. He sought the Lord and was found of Him. Be strong in Him. Work for Him. All for Jesus.
    I need to pray for our government and governments of the world that God’s Spirit will be at work in them and through them. We need to depend upon the Lord in all things. My heart belongs to the King. He must be first in all things. This day TGIF – Today God Is First in all things.

    1. I sought the Lord, and afterward I knew
    he moved my soul to seek him, seeking me.
    It was not I that found, O Savior true;
    no, I was found of thee.

    2. Thou didst reach forth thy hand and mine enfold;
    I walked and sank not on the storm-vexed sea.
    ‘Twas not so much that I on thee took hold,
    as thou, dear Lord, on me.

    3. I find, I walk, I love, but oh, the whole
    of love is but my answer, Lord, to thee!
    For thou wert long beforehand with my soul;
    always thou lovedst me.

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