Singing in the victory parade!

“He leads out the prisoners with singing!” (Psalm 68:6)
David describes God’s help as a victorious rescue operation.
God rides out with His armies, and comes back with His enemies in tow.
Those enslaved by the enemy are set free, and sing in the victory parade.
Israel represents the underdog, the oppressed and orphaned and needy.
God is on the side of the underdog, and will make things right.
This message continues to be true, and a joyful hope for those who struggle.
Satan is doing his best to mess us up, but he cannot beat God.
Jesus has beaten him, and has ascended to the throne above.
Paul uses this psalm to describes Jesus’ victory (Ephesians 4:7-10).
Having reclaimed creation, Jesus now graces us with His Spirit.
And with the Spirit, we are gifted to live and lead with Him.
The world may see us as weak and inferior, but we know better!
We join with David in delaring, ‘we are more than conquerors in Christ!’
I sense Jesus encouraging me to stay hopeful and joyful in the struggle.
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, remind me of this truth – of Your victory over the Enemy and Your Spirit in me – when Satan is messing things up around me.

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  1. Sing praises.
    Sing praises to the Lord for He has done mighty things.
    Come see what the Lord has done for us.
    He led us.
    He gives the rains.
    He provides for our needs.
    He is the God who saves.
    He is strong, almighty, powerful
    and He gives His people strength.
    And I need to rely on that power
    at all times and in all situations.
    Praise the Lord.

    . God gives His people strength.
    If we believe in His way, He’s swift to repay
    All those who bear the burden of the day
    God gives His people strength.

    2. God gives His people hope
    If we but trust in His word, our prayers are always heard
    He warmly welcomes anyone who’s erred.
    God gives His people hope.

    3. God gives His people love
    If we but open wide our hearts, He’s sure to do His part
    He’s always the first to make a start.
    God gives His people love.

    4. God gives His people peace.
    When sorrow fills us to the brim, and courage grows dim
    He lays to rest our restlessness in Him.
    God gives His people peace.

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