God’s love on fire!

“Surely your wrath against mankind brings you praise.” (Psalm 76:10)
What is meant by the wrath of God?
Some synonyms for ‘wrath’ include fury, rage, extreme anger.
How can wrath bring Him praise?
We need to be clear: God is love, God is not wrath.
Some kind of love is the source of all wrath.
Usually in us, that love is self-love, when someone hurts us.
But God’s love is selfless love, love for us and others.
His love is kindled when He sees His people or His creation abused.
In this Psalm, God is not just having a selfish temper tantrum.
He is rising up “to save all the afflicted in the land!” (Psalm 76:9)
God’s righteous anger is presently restrained by mercy and love.
But He remains passionately committed to the underdog.
The day will come when God brings down the cruel, violent, abusers.
On that day, the “afflicted” will finally rejoice with praise!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, help us not just to receive Your gracious love for ourselves. May we be passionate to share this love with the poor and struggling around us, that they too may praise God for His justice and mercy!

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  1. God is in charge. It is He who is to be feared.
    He is the Light which needs to be followed. His radiant light shows us the way. Walk in it.
    All His enemies will be destroyed but those who keep their promises, who walk in His ‘SonShine’ will find shelter beneath His wings.
    Live in His presence and do His will.
    Praise Him for His way is right and true.
    May all see that we are children of God, living for Jesus, giving Him the praise always.

    Come into His Presence with thanksgiving in your heart
    And give Him praise, and give Him praise
    Come into His presence with thanksgiving in your heart
    Your voices raise, your voices raise
    Give glory and honor and power unto Him
    Jesus the name above all names

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