Our merciful mediator!

“If only there were someone to mediate between us, to bring us together.” (Job 9:33)
Bildad sees God’s ways as simple: we sin, God punishes us… period.
Job wants to argue this, but struggles because how do we argue with God.
In this verse he is asking for a mediator with God… not with Bildad.
In the middle of this struggle with God, he cries out for a mediator.
He doesn’t know he’s speaking about Jesus, but he is!
Jesus is this mediator, this one who will bring us together.
Jesus steps in between holy, mighty, sovereign God… and us.
And wonder of wonders, He mediates with mercy, not only justice.
Bildad only sees justice, Job only sees despair; but Jesus reveals compassion.
Life is hard, filled with injustice, uncertainty, confusion, suffering.
But God is not a monster or tyrant ruling our lives with cruel justice.
God sent Jesus as mediator to show us the full extent of His love.
When I struggle with God questions (‘why God?’), I look at Jesus.
Jesus shows me what God is ultimately like, and how much He loves me!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, thank You for stepping in to my life, to show me that I need not fear God, but can hope in and trust the God that loves THAT much!

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