Easy for me to say!?

“Those who are at ease have contempt for misfortune.”
Zophar put Job in his place; he suffered because he sinned… period.
Sad to say, I was once like Zophar, a voice of heartless ‘truth’.
But as Job states, I was “at ease”, preaching from my ivory tower.
Too many of us show contempt for others with our religious views.
“To God belong understanding” (v.13), not to us and our doctrines.
Thankfully, the Lord has toppled much of my religious smugness (not all).
I am much more aware that what I say is often “easy for me to say”.
Gone are the days for me when everything was simply black and white.
Don’t get me wrong, I believe in absolute truth.
I just know that none of us knows this truth absolutely.
He has taught me to struggle, listen and learn with those who struggle.
He has shown me that they have insight and wisdom as well.
Together as friends we struggle and learn about God’s truth.
And thankfully, He struggles with us, and walks with us to the other side!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, forgive me for pontificating about peoples’ struggles. Expose my remaining religious smugness, and help me to be the friend You are to me!

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  1. In His hand is life.
    Our God is an awesome God.
    He is everywhere
    but do I have the eyes to see Him?
    God created the animals – and what do they tell me about Him?
    He takes care of all and gives life to all.
    Open my eyes Lord that I may see You in this Your creation. All of life is in your hands
    and all needs to serve You.
    All is in Your hands
    and I need to put my hand in Yours
    for You to lead me and guide me each day anew.

    In the stars His handiwork I see,
    On the wind He speaks with majesty,
    Though He ruleth over land and sea,
    What is that to me?
    I will celebrate Nativity,
    For it has a place in history,
    Sure, He came to set His people free,
    What is that to me?

    Till by faith I met Him face to face,
    and I felt the wonder of His grace,
    Then I knew that He was more than just a
    God who didn’t care,
    That lived a way out there and

    Now He walks beside me day by day,
    Ever watching o’er me lest I stray,
    Helping me to find that narrow way,
    He’s Everything to me.

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