Playing with fire!?!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Proverbs 5-7
“Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?” (Proverbs 6:27)
This warning about an adulterous woman applies to ALL sexual temptation.
It was not just in that time that Satan used sex to ruin people.
Lust and sexual sin are like fire in our lap, or walking on coals.
We will get burned, and others will get burned as well.
We live in a sex-saturated society, and we are seeing people getting burned.
Thankfully more of its victims are being heard, and perpetrators exposed.
But the way sexuality is flaunted today is only feeding the beast in us.
Satan is enjoying our sexual ‘freedom’, enslaving many with it.
Christians are not immune, Satan is finding many victims here too.
There are constant news stories of christians charged with sexual crimes.
As a Jesus follower, I need to heed this warning for myself.
How is Satan baiting me, and where am I playing with fire?
How serious do I take these threats, and what am I doing to protect myself?
Jesus can help us in this, but we need to reach out to Him for His help!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, Satan is good at what he does, and I am attacked every day. Help me to stay close to You, and to hold on tighter when temptation comes my way.

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  1. Listen to the Father. Do this and live.
    Keep His words, His commands and you will live. Bind them upon your heart.
    Then you/I can keep our ways pure and holy and live for Him.
    God is all seeing.
    He knows our ways
    but walk always in His SonShine
    in the Light of His Word
    for His Word is a lamp unto my feet showing me where to walk
    keeping me in His ways – my eyes not focused on the pleasures of this world
    focused on the Giver of life itself.
    My Saviour and my Lord.

    Come to the Savior now,
    He gently calleth thee;
    In true repentance bow,
    Before Him bend the knee;
    He waiteth to bestow
    Salvation, peace, and love,
    True joy on earth below,
    A home in Heav’n above.

    Come to the Savior now,
    Ye who have wandered far;
    Renew your solemn vow,
    For His by right you are;
    Come, like poor wand’ring sheep
    Returning to His fold;
    His arm will safely keep,
    His love will ne’er grow cold.

    Come to the Savior, all,
    Whate’er your burdens be;
    Hear now His loving call,
    “Cast all your care on Me.”
    Come, and for ev’ry grief
    In Jesus you will find
    A sure and safe relief,
    A loving Friend and kind.

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