Open heart for miracles!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Luke 7:11-17
“When the Lord saw her, his heart went out to her…” (Luke 7:13)
What happen when you see someone suffering, grieving or struggling?
Does your heart go out to them?
Mine does, but many a time I have wished I could do what Jesus did.
I have often felt helpless when with people who struggle.
I can’t heal them, or fix their problem, or raise the dead.
At least not yet… and believe me, I’ve tried.
I just do what I can – pray, encourage or help in practical ways.
On the one hand, this seems so weak.
On the other hand, God uses this sincere heart effort to do His work.
When our heart goes out and we do what we can, we are like Jesus.
God used Jesus’ heart and willingness to heal and to help others.
God may choose to heal someone through us, but that is His decision.
My job is to open my heart, to make myself available, to do what I can.
Who knows, people may praise God because of what He does through you!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, recently I prayed for a miracle healing. I am weak, but You are strong.
May this be an occasion for healing that leads to praise for You!

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  1. How do I deal with those who experience sickness, death or other misfortunes? I can pray for them. I can be in their presence to comfort them. But I can not take away their pain. Only Christ is able to bring healing.
    And we all need to hang unto the promises of God – if we but believe we too shall live with Him today and all of our tomorrows. Living in His presence, standing upon His promises will give the strength and the hope and the courage to follow Him in all of life’s situations.
    He gives us life and life eternal.
    Just believe.
    Live for Jesus.
    I am in His presence always.

    Standing on the promises of Christ my King,
    Through eternal ages let His praises ring,
    Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing,
    Standing on the promises of God.
    Standing, standing,
    Standing on the promises of God my Savior;
    Standing, standing,
    I’m standing on the promises of God.

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