Greatness in the kingdom!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Luke 7:24-30
“The one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than (John).” (Luke 7:28)
John was the greatest Old Testament messenger for the coming Messiah.
Greater than Abraham, Moses, Elijah, or even David?
But Jesus makes this shocking statement about the least in the kingdom.
How can you or I be greater than these heroes of the faith?
The key is how we understand the kingdom of God.
The kingdom of God is this world under God-like human rulers.
Jesus is Adam restored, ruling over creation (Genesis 1:26-28).
With Jesus we are restored as God’s image-bearers.
To rule WITH, LIKE and FOR God as His representatives!
We are not greater in value than anyone else.
But in terms of purpose, our calling exceeds the OT heroes of faith.
In the power of the Spirit, we are building the kingdom like Jesus did.
With love, mercy, self-denial, compassion – the Jesus Way, the Adam way!
What a huge privilege AND responsibility it is to know and follow Jesus!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, we see love and mercy as weak, and yet it is the greatest ministry of all. Help me to see how world-changing Your Way is!

One Comment

  1. Kids of the Kingdom, that’s what we are. His children.
    As His child, there is none greater nor none lesser.
    And as His children we all are His ambassadors sharing the Good News.
    I too need to hear His Word for my life and acknowledge His Way is the right way.
    As a Christ follower i acknowledge this and live each day for Him and in His presence.
    Continue to lead me and guide me in Your Way.

    1 Come into God’s presence singing

    2 Come into God’s presence singing
    “Jesus is Lord,
    Jesus is Lord,
    Jesus is Lord.”

    3 Praise the Lord together singing
    “Worthy the Lamb,
    worthy the Lamb,
    worthy the Lamb.”

    4 Praise the Lord together singing
    “Glory to God,
    glory to God,
    glory to God.”

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