Responding to His greatness!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Luke 11:29-32
“Something greater than Solomon is here.” (Luke 11:31)
We just looked at the “Song of Songs”, which is a love story about Solomon.
I noted that Jesus’ love for us is much greater than Solomon’s love.
The same is true for Solomon’s wisdom, Jesus surpasses him by far!
Is there any other ‘great person’ that we would set up to Jesus?
Peter, Paul, Luther, Calvin, Wilberforce, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, MLK?
The greatest of human beings – great as they are – cannot compare.
None of them beat Satan or sin, and many of them credited Jesus.
Even Ghandi, a Hindu, recognized the greatness of Jesus.
But do we really admit and honour this surpassing greatness of Jesus?
Do we really treat His wisdom as smart, worth following?
Do we really trust His victory over Satan, and let go of fear?
Do we really respect His authority, and submit to His will?
Jesus has given us enough signs to show us He is the greatest!
Does how I live and follow Him reflect that I agree with Him?
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, the Queen of Sheba responded to Solomon’s wisdom, the people of Nineveh responded to Jonah’s warning. Why am I so slow to respond to Your wisdom, and Your warnings?

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