Getting rid of the trash!

“Fear him who has authority to throw you into Gehenna.” (Luke 12:5)
The valley of Hinnon (ge-henna, ‘weeping’) was south east of Jerusalem.
In the past children were sacrificed to the god Molech here (2 Kings 23:10).
It was loathed by the Jews, and was where the garbage was dumped.
Including to bodies of dead animals and unburied criminals.
Jesus uses this valley as a parable for what happens to the wicked.
To those who live ‘garbage’ lives of selfishness, cruelty, hate, violence.
This valley represented more than just physical death.
It represented loss of our ultimate worth and self – ultimate death.
Jesus assures us we were created with value – identity, worth and purpose.
We are worth more than garbage, we should not live garbage lives.
God doesn’t want to throw us in the refuse pile, but if we refuse to repent…
Take sin seriously, says Jesus, because sin has serious consequences.
As a Jesus follower, I want my life to reflect goodness, not garbage.
Are there things in my life that belong in the garbage… will I pitch them?
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I am not garbage to You, You do not want to throw me out with the garbage. May my life reflect Your goodness, not the garbage of seflishness and sin.

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