Where are You God?

“Lord, where is your former great love?” (Psalm 89:49)
This psalm starts by repeating God’s promises to guard His people forever.
But then it faces how God’s people are crushed and defeated.
Ethan (the Psalmist) cries out to God, ‘where are You???’
‘Why are you withholding Your love from us?’
Many people have struggled with this ‘why’ question.
Jesus promised that nothing would separate us from God’s love.
But experience seems to suggest otherwise, as many believers suffer and die.
I have no easy answers as to why some people suffer, and others don’t.
Or why some believers seem to endure unspeakable anguish and misery.
Somehow the answer is found in and with God, so Ethan clings to Him.
“I will sing of the Lord ’s great love forever.” (Psalm 89:1)
This is faith hanging on, even if he does not understand it.
Either the answer is somehow found in God, or there is no answer, no hope.
As Jesus followers, we cling to God’s love, because we know its our only hope.
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, faith and hope are hard to hang on to when love is not felt. Show Your love today in visible tangible ways, as strugglers cling to You in desperate faith and hope.

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