Hardened heart?

“Today, if only you would hear his voice, do not harden your hearts!” (Psalm 95:8)
This psalm is calling for a response from us when we experience God.
God is always speaking and working in and around us, yet we often miss it.
Many of us will sit in church today, many of us will hear His Voice.
Yet how many will listen AND respond, and do something with what we hear?
God speaks to us for our good, to show us the better way.
His wisdom leads to life, His way is the way to love, joy, peace, etc.
Jesus came in person to show us God’s Way, and to urge us to join Him in it.
We love to sing songs like this, but singing about God is not what He wants.
He is calling us to “obey everything He commanded” (Matthew 28:19)
We do not need to obey perfectly in order to be saved – Jesus took care of that.
But God does want us to want to do good, to strive with His help to obey.
Grace will help us, if we receive His grace and work with it!
Everyday by grace He is guiding us, warning us, encouraging us…
But are we listening, are we responding, are we obeying?
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, Your rest is the natural result of choosing Your way. We will not find Your rest if we choose to go in the opposite direction. Help me to do more than hear Your Voice, help me to heed it!

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  1. Hearing God.
    This reminds me of Samuel as a little boy hearing the voice of God.
    Hearing/listening/doing need to go together.
    Hearing and not doing is not listening.
    All too often I have selective hearing – just hearing what I want to do – not only with God but also those around me.
    Today once again I will be with His people listening to His servant share the Good News to the people. Open my ears Lord that I truly hear.
    Open my heart Lord to serve You always
    as I walk in Your SonShine each and everyday.
    To hear/listen means to do. Hear the Word and do the deed.
    Listening and doing go together.
    Open my ears Lord.

    I am never on my own
    When I’m walking down the street
    I am never on my own
    When there’s no-one to meet me
    Even when I feel alone
    He’s all around me
    My God, My God is everywhere

    My God, my God is everywhere
    I look up, I look down
    I look round and round and round
    My God, my God is everywhere
    I can’t see but I know
    He is real and He’s alive
    My God, My God is everywhere

    I will sing a quiet song
    When I’m sitting on my own
    I will speak out loud to Him
    Cos I know He is listening
    Even when I’m lost for words
    He knows just what I feel
    My God, my God is everywhere

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