Blaming God?

THE STORY OF JESUS: Jeremiah 1-3
“Why do you bring charges against me? You have all rebelled against me!” (Jeremiah 2:29)
I suspect God often asks this question… ‘why are you blaming Me?’
Our world is a mess not because God has turned on us.
Human greed, lust, violence and folly are the recurring themes of history.
And even if our sins are moderate compared to others, we are a part of it.
A good analogy is the problem of world pollution and the environmental crisis.
Humans are collectively responsible for the garbage, waste and carelessness.
I am not one of the worlds big polluters, but I am a contributor.
My part may be small comparatively, but I still have a part in it.
I need to see that my sin is a part of the problem, and that its not God’s fault.
God wants to bless us, God wants to help us, but He wants us to want it too.
Jesus comes to show us what the good life looks like, and to help us find it.
But before we can step into it, we need to admit our sin, and our need for help.
We need to stop blaming God, and start seeing how much God wants to help.
The cycle of history will continue to repeat itself unless we repent!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, as long as we blame You, we miss out on how You want to help us. Teach me the true meaning of sin, that I may better appreciate the true wonder of grace!

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  1. Serving the Lord.
    Always and at every age.
    Whether young or old, one can never say that he is too young (or old) for the Lord God is with His servant. He puts the words in our mouths for He is mine and I am His. He is with me and will lead and guide me along the way. He is with me always.
    Going forth in His power all the time. I am never alone. Living for Jesus.
    Empowered by Him.
    Be not afraid for He is with me.
    Trust and obey and be a faithful servant.
    Follow Him and not the stubbornness of my own heart.
    The Lord, the Lord is God. Obey His word.

    Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
    And a light unto my path.
    Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
    And a light unto my path.

    When I feel afraid,
    And think I’ve lost my way.
    Still, You’re there right beside me.
    Nothing will I fear
    As long as You are near;
    Please be near me to the end.

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