That look…

THE STORY OF JESUS: Luke 22:54-62
“The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter.” (Luke 22:61)
There is a moment when you are tempted when all you see is what you’re tempted with.
Like Eve, the fruit looks so good, and you imagine all the benefits.
If whispers of warning arise, they are buried beneath the burning desire.
Satan keeps you too preoccupied to seek the help of Jesus.
The Lord is there, the Lord is looking toward us in that moment.
But we are too distracted, too wrapped up in ourselves, to notice.
But like Peter, the moment also comes after we have given in.
Satan stops his enticing, and begins his taunting.
And then we see Jesus, still looking at us, with sad love in His eyes.
And waves of shame, bitterness and disappointment arise.
Adam and Eve ran away to hide from God in their moment of shame.
Peter goes outside and weeps bitterly… but does not look away from Jesus.
The next time he sees Jesus looking to him, he runs to Him (John 21).
In times of great failure, look to Jesus looking at you, and let Him restore you.
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I have seen this look many times. You know my weakness, You even expect it. Help me to look to You before I sin; but when I do, help me to look to You then, to see Your look of mercy and grace.

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  1. Looking at Christ.
    Jesus is the answer and I need to focus on Him and not myself.
    He is my sure foundation, my Rock.
    At all times keep your eyes in Jesus for He is able
    to empower,
    to see me through difficulties
    and hardships
    and life issues
    and . . .
    Walk at all times in His SonLight.

    In doubt and temptation I rest, Lord, in Thee;
    My hand is in Thy hand, Thou carest for me;
    My soul with Thy counsel through life Thou wilt guide,
    And afterward make me in glory abide.


    My God, I will extol Thee
    And ever bless Thy Name;
    Each day will I give thanks to Thee
    And all Thy praise proclaim.

    In glory Thou only my portion shall be,
    On earth for none other I long for but Thee;
    My flesh and heart falter, but God is my stay,
    The strength of my spirit, my portion for aye.


    All they that forsake Thee must perish and die,
    But near to my Savior most bless├Ęd am I;
    I make Thee my refuge, my Lord and my God;
    Thy grace and Thy glory I publish abroad.

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