Confident… from now on!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Luke 22:66-71
“From now on, the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of God.” (Luke 22:69)
For Jews, the ‘Son of God’ was a sinless, God-pleasing human, like Adam (Luke 3:38).
And the “Son of Man” was the promised messiah (see Daniel 7:13-14).
This Son of Man would stand with God and receive God’s authority, glory and power.
Jesus saw Himself as Son of God (perfect Adam) and Son of Man (promised Messiah).
This is what provoked the anger of the Jewish leaders, and led to His death.
Jesus knows this, but He knows that this will only confirm His identity.
“From now on” suggests from this point on, even when I suffer and die.
His suffering and death do not dethrone Him, but assure His throne.
Jesus has been crowned with all authority over all creation.
Adam is back in charge, God’s creation kingdom is re-established.
With Jesus, we are also reigning with God, victorious over Satan, sin and death.
Even though we suffer and die, “from now on” we are victorious with Christ.
This can give us confidence and strength as we face our own suffering and death.
Like Jesus, I want to refuse to let my troubles distract me from my triumph!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, despite all that I see or feel or experience to the opposite, help me to stand with You next to God, trusting that I am Yours, I am secure, and nothing can separate me from God’s love.

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  1. The Sanhedrin had to wait to the morning to meet.
    Being questioned Jesus’ answers were not enough for them since they were caught up in their own lies. Yet to their basic question – are You the Son of God? Jesus replies that He is.
    Yet in all this adversity Jesus knows that He is seated at the right hand of God. He reigns. And because He reigns, I live.
    At all times I need to praise the living God.

    Praise to the living God,
    All praised be that Name,
    Who was, and is, and is to be,
    Is still the same;
    The one eternal God,
    Before what now appears,
    The First, the Last, beyond all thought
    Through timeless years.

    God’s Spirit floweth free,
    High surging where it will —
    In prophet’s word it spoke of old —
    Is speaking still.
    Established is God’s law,
    And changeless it shall stand,
    Deep writ upon the human heart,
    On sea or land.

    God has eternal life
    Implanted in the soul.
    God’s love shall be our strength and stay,
    While ages roll.
    Praise to the living God!
    All praised be God’s name,
    Who was and is, and is to be,
    Is still the same

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