“Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.” (Psalm 100:1)
Whenever we focus on God, joy and praise and thanksgiving should burst out.
Going to temple (for Jews) was a time to magnify the sound of praise.
They reflected on Who He is (He is God that made and rules us, we belong to Him!)
They reflected on How He is (He is good and loving and faithful).
They were energized and encouraged by loud and expressive singing.
Gathering with other Jesus-followers can be the same.
As we recall Who Jesus is, what He is like, and what He did, we shout!
Sometimes it can be hard to sing loud in church, let alone to shout.
I am conscious of those around me not shouting, not singing loud.
And they’re problem conscious of me too, and we all hold back.
What would it take for our focus to shift back to God and Jesus.
To not be held back by what the other person may think.
I can’t wait for others to start, I need to start with myself.
To focus on the Lord and to sing and shout for Him, an audience of One!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, may our response to You not be held back by what others might think. May our singing, shouting or even standing in silence be authentic and deep and energizing!

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  1. Joy.
    These words describe how we should be in His presence.
    He is faithful and I need to live a life of thanksliving
    knowing that I am always in His presence.
    May others see that I am His and He in mine
    by what I say and do each day.
    I serve a risen Saviour.

    1 Come into God’s presence singing

    2 Come into God’s presence singing
    “Jesus is Lord,
    Jesus is Lord,
    Jesus is Lord.”

    3 Praise the Lord together singing
    “Worthy the Lamb,
    worthy the Lamb,
    worthy the Lamb.”

    4 Praise the Lord together singing
    “Glory to God,
    glory to God,
    glory to God.”

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