Is faith disconnected from everyday life?

In Robert Banks’s groundbreaking book, Redeeming the Routines, he identifies the enormous gap between belief and everyday life. He points out that this gap shows up in ten worrying ways:

  1. Few of us apply or know how to apply our belief to our work, or lack of work.
  2. We only make minimal connections between our faith and our spare time activities.
  3. We have little sense of a Christian approach to regular activities like domestic chores.
  4. Our everyday attitudes are partly shaped by the dominant values of our society.
  5. Many of our spiritual difficulties stem from the daily pressure we experience (lack of time, exhaustion, family pressures, etc.).
  6. Our everyday concerns receive little attention in the church.
  7. Only occasionally do professional theologians address routine activities.
  8. When addressed, everyday issues tend to be approached too theoretically.
  9. Only a minority of Christians read religious books or attend theological courses.
  10. Most churchgoers reject the idea of a gap between their beliefs and their ways of life.


  1. My First Comment/Reply/Introduction
    The first time I do something, in front of people, and/or for people or do something for a special purpose I am nervous. Being a writer and being someone that has gathered a lot of non-fiction stories, being nervous doesn’t really make any sense but what will be will be.
    I am new to Maranatha but have quickly felt at home there. I do not believe that if we are sincere in our beliefs and how we try to live our lives as long as it is in a Jesus manner it doesn’t really make a difference what church we “belong” to. I firmly believe God directed me at this time in my life to connect with Maranatha. Why? I don’t quite know but He will let me know when He feels the time is right. I do believe there is no such thing as coincidence in our lives. Nothing happens unless God plans it and wants it to happen.
    Who am I? I’m a native of Nova Scotia and over my life I have made it to 9 of our provinces (Newfoundland being the exception). I rode a bicycle from Vancouver to Halifax in 32 days. I have a TERRIFIC wife, Saundra. I am a published author, and have recently finished writing the BEST book ever written. Let me explain that. The book I am talking about is one I wrote in longhand cursive writing. It took me 489 consecutive days and the book is THE BIBLE. To do that was one of the most rewarding, educational, and thought provoking things I have done in my life. I will talk to anyone about anything anytime. I hope my first comment here has not strayed too far of the guidelines of this part of the site. I will hopefully get better as time goes on.

  2. Thanks for joining us here Hadley. My hope here is to talk about what it means to follow Jesus, and also support each other as we follow Jesus. Your insight is welcome!

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