Releasing Jesus into the world!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Luke 23:13-25
“He has done nothing to deserve death.” (Luke 23:25)
Forget the church, and christians, and religion, and church history for a moment.
Just focus on Jesus and ask yourself, ‘what can we say against Him?’
Pilate concluded that Jesus had done nothing to deserve death (v.15).
I would make that even stronger: what He did deserved life!
I feel bad that church and christianity have reflected so poorly on Jesus.
It makes sense to me that many people reject God and Jesus because of our failure.
But this is a poor reflection on human nature, not on Jesus.
Like Barabbas, we are a seriously flawed bunch, even the very best of us.
And yet we are quick to exonerate ourselves, while critiquing Jesus.
Jesus stands in stark contrast to Barabbas, but also to us (including christians).
Our world needs more Jesus, not more church or christianity.
If you are disillusioned by the church, please focus on Jesus!
And if you are a christian, please focus on Jesus.
May we release more Jesus – not Barabbas – into the world!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, we foolishly crucify all that You represent while we unleash our depravity into the world. Help me to put to death the Barabbas life in me, that Your life may take over!


  1. Pilate found no reason to crucify Jesus.
    There were no grounds for His death according to the law.
    Mob rule.
    Giving in to what the crowd wanted.
    Saving face.
    Giving in to the demands of the mob in order to stay in good terms with the people and Herod.
    What determines my acts?
    Each day anew I must choose what is right and true. Do good. Live each day for Him.

    Grace and truth shall mark the way
    Where the Lord His own will lead,
    If His Word they still obey
    And His testimonies heed.

    For Thy name’s sake hear Thou me,
    For Thy mercy, Lord, I wait;
    Pardon my iniquity,
    For my sin is very great.

    He who walks in godly fear
    In the path of truth shall go;
    Peace shall be his portion here,
    And his sons all good shall know.

    They that fear and love the Lord
    Shall Jehovah’s friendship know;
    He will grace to them accord,
    And His faithful covenant show.

    Ever are my longing eyes
    On the Lord, whose watchful care,
    When my foes their plots devise,
    Keeps my feet from every snare.

    Turn to me, Thy grace impart,
    I am desolate indeed;
    Great the troubles of my heart;
    Save Thou me, O Lord, I plead.

    Look on mine afflicted state,
    Freely all my sins forgive;
    Mark my foes, their cruel hate;
    Keep my soul and let me live.

    Shame me not; I hide in Thee;
    Truth and right preserve me still;
    Mark Thy people, Lord my God,
    Save Thou from every ill.

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