I am a child of God!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Luke 23:44-49
“Surely this was a righteous man.” (Luke 23:47)
Were you surprised when you read these words, “a righteous man”?
I’ve always thought that this soldier said “the Son of God!”
In fact, this is what Matthew and Mark record (Matthew 27:54, Mark 15:39).
This is not a typo; in fact these words mean the same thing.
In historical theology, ‘Son of God’ was seen to mean that Jesus was divine.
But this was not the Jewish way of thinking; a ‘son of God’ was a righteous man.
Adam is described as ‘the son of God’ (Luke 3:38), and he was not divine.
God created us as His children, sons and daughters “like Him” in character.
Our sin turned us against God, and we became children of the Deciever (John 8:44).
I’m not saying that Jesus is not divine; He is the Word of God made flesh.
It is as the logos that Jesus is divine; ‘Son of God’ means righteous.
Thankfully Jesus was a righteous man, for this is how He beat Satan.
It is because a Son of God is on the throne that the kingdom is restored.
It is because He is Son of God that we may be called children of God!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I am not righteous. But You are, and in You I am welcomed as a son of God. By grace I reign with You, and God’s Spirit lives in me! I am a child of God!

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  1. Into the hands of the Father.
    Fulfilling the promise made by the Father.
    And those who saw Him die, experienced the earth shattering happenings.
    Those who knew Jesus stayed with Him.
    So must I.
    In all of life’s situations, I need to stand for Christ
    for His love made true life a possibility
    for those who stay in Him.

    Jesus, I my cross have taken,
    All to leave and follow Thee;
    Destitute, despised, forsaken,
    Thou, from hence, my all shalt be.
    Perish every fond ambition,
    All I’ve sought, and hoped, and known;
    Yet how rich is my condition,
    God and Christ are still my own!
    Let the world despise and leave me,
    They have left my Savior, too;
    Human hearts and looks deceive me;
    Thou art not, like man, untrue;
    And, while Thou shalt smile upon me,
    God of wisdom, love, and might,
    Foes may hate, and friends disown me;
    Show Thy face, and all is bright.

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