My soul satisfied!

THE STORY OF JESUS: John 6:30-40
“Whoever comes to me will never go hungry.
Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” (John 6:35)

As a Jesus follower, is it true that I never go hungry or thirsty?
By describing Himself as bread, He is speaking figuratively.
So how, figuratively speaking, am I spared from hunger and thirst.
There have been times when I have felt spiritually satisfied.
But there have also been times when I felt empty, dissatisfied?
What happened, did the bread fail me, or did I fail to eat the bread?
Knowing myself, I have to say that the weakness is in me, not Jesus.
I don’t always stay with Jesus, and my dissatisfaction increases as I drift.
When I do return, it takes time to renew my spirit in Him.
For the fountain to satisfy my thirst, I need to keep drinking from it.
With Jesus, I experience strength, courage, hope, grace, purpose, etc.
When I drift from Jesus, I lose my sense of love, joy, peace, etc.
Jesus is right, the bread is real, the water fresh… when we take them!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, my dissatisfaction reminds me that nothing else can satisfy me but You. Help me to make it my daily practice to taste and see that You are good!

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  1. The Israelites received bread from heaven during their travels. This sustained them while in the wilderness. However, Jesus is the Bread of Life and sustains us for life – today and tomorrow and forevermore. He gives us our fill when He feeds us. He gives us everlasting life – and that is His promise to all who feed upon Him – life forevermore.
    So today I start the day with Him as He continues to lead and guide me in the way. I will walk with my risen Saviour this day and always for He enables me by His SonLight.

    Guide me, O Thou great *Jehovah, [*Redeemer]
    Pilgrim through this barren land;
    I am weak, but Thou art mighty,
    Hold me with Thy pow’rful hand.
    Bread of heaven, Bread of heaven,
    Feed me till I want no more;
    Feed me till I want no more.

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