Hope for the worst of sinners!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Ezekiel 25-27
“You have come to a horrible end and will be no more.” (Ezekiel 27:36)
The nations surrounding Judea took advantage of them in their fall.
They followed after Nebuchadnezzar and pillaged what was left.
Like vultures surrounding a dying person, they pounced.
But God lets them know their days are numbered too – especially Tyre.
Tyre became a symbol to the Jews of the utmost depravity and cruelty.
Yet as bad as they were, Jesus says they had something on the Jews.
“If the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Tyre and Sidon they would have repented long ago.” (Matthew 11:21)
Jesus helps a woman from Tyre (Matthew 15:21), and admires her faith!
Humility and repentance brings hope even to the worst of sinners.
Ezekiel says the Tyrians will be no more, but Jesus graces a Tyrian woman.
No matter how far we’ve fallen, how lost we are… we can go to God.
If the Tyrians can still be forgiven and restored, so can I… so can you.
Sin will bring us to a horrible end, but Jesus can turn our lives around!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I am no better or worse than others. Thank You for reminding me that even the worst of sinners can find forgiveness and freedom with You!

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  1. This is what the Lord God says.
    Do I hear His voice?
    Do I see His acts of mercy to bring back His people?
    Where do I see the hand of God today?
    God is at work in His world today.
    His greatest desire is that the people serve Him and live for Him.
    God continues to speak to His people to show how they need to live for Jesus or they will be no more. Come to Jesus and He will give you rest.
    Today, like any other day give thanks to the Lord for in all things TGIF – today God is first. That is the way I need to live.

    Do come to Jesus now;
    Jesus is here.
    Don’t follow death below;
    Jesus is here.
    Draw near while still you may;
    Come while there is today.
    What reason to delay?
    Jesus is here.
    Do come to Jesus now;
    Jesus is here.
    Nor drift, sure loss allow;
    Jesus is here.
    The Savior’s favor gain;
    Break now from Satan’s chain;
    Love not this world again.
    Jesus is here.
    Do come to Jesus now;
    Jesus is here.
    Nor doubt nor wonder how;
    Jesus is here.
    Though great your sins may be,
    He loves you fervently.
    Leave your anxiety;
    Jesus is here.
    Do come to Jesus now;
    Jesus is here.
    To His dominion bow;
    Jesus is here.
    Redemption’s work is done;
    He is your hope alone;
    Unto His welcome run.
    Jesus is here.

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