Which path will we seek?

THE STORY OF JESUS: Daniel 10-12
“Some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. ” (Daniel 12:10)
Who are the kings, who is the prince of Persia, what is the abomination?
Personally, though some theories are interesting, I do not get into them.
This detailed vision was meant to encourage they exiles, not bewilder them.
None of them who received it would be able to figure it out; not even Daniel.
But they didn’t need to – nor do we – for that’s not the point.
What is clear that every detail of history is part of an unfolding plan.
God is at work behind the scenes on behalf of His people, to restore them.
Those who cling to evil will inherit evil; those who cling to God will receive life!
In this time before the end, when evil still flourishes, which do we choose?
We are exiles too, and we must also choose which path and direction to seek.
Will we cling to God, hope in God, and follow God in goodness and love?
Or will give in to selfish, sinful living, looking out for #1?
God is directing history towards goodness and love… are we seeking that too?
Jesus (not the church) shows us the better way, will we trust and follow Him?
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, we all find what we seek, everlasting goodness or everlasting selfishness. Help me to seek what You seek, and work for what You are working for.

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