For or against Jesus?

THE STORY OF JESUS: John 6:66-71
“Yet one of you is a devil (a slanderer)!” (John 6:70)
It became clear to Judas that Jesus was not his kind of messiah.
Judas wanted to be there when the messiah trounced the Romans.
He was looking for a royal position, and royal wealth.
Judas was the treasurer of their group, and he would steal money (John 12:6).
He thought he was getting away with it, but Jesus knew.
Jesus also knew that Judas was murmuring against Him.
He was saying accusatory, even slanderous things, against Jesus.
This is what the adjective ‘diabolos’ really means, “a slanderer”.
Jesus is not calling Judas Satan, but does say that he is doing his work.
He said the same thing about the religious leaders (John 8:44).
When I lie, or cheat, or gossip, or mock, I am doing diabolical things.
Taking a stand for Jesus also means taking a stand against the devil’s works.
Do I long to be like Jesus… do I hate when I do things like Satan?
Either we are for Jesus, or against Jesus… which way shall I lean?
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I hate the thought that being selfish, greedy, unfair, critical, makes me like the devil. I want to follow You, not Satan. To be for You, not against You!

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  1. Many disciples turned away because Jesus was not the Messiah of their dreams.
    Peter, through the gift of faith, anchored himself on the Rock, knowing that Jesus was the Giver of Life and Life eternal. Peter believed in the Words of Christ. Through faith, he saw God at work in him and in His world.
    My world belongs to God and I need to see Him everywhere. I am always in His presence and I need to grow in that relationship.

    ‘Til by faith I met Him face to face
    And I felt the wonder of His grace
    Then I knew that He was more
    Than just a God who didn’t care
    That lived away out there
    And now He walks beside me day by day
    Ever watching o’er me lest I stray
    Helping me to find that narrow way
    He’s ev’rything to me
    Verse 1
    In the stars His handiwork I see
    On the wind He speaks with majesty
    Tho’ He ruleth over land and sea
    What is that to me
    Verse 2
    I will celebrate nativity
    For it has a place in history
    Sure He came to set His people free
    What is that to me

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