Avoiding the spotlight!

THE STORY OF JESUS: John 11:54-57
“Jesus no longer moved about publicly among the people of Judea.” (John 11:54)
Jesus is not just avoiding trouble, He is avoiding premature trouble.
He is a dangerous person in a dangerous time, He could touch off a ‘revolution’.
He is not this kind of messiah, but this is what the people want (see John 6:15).
This makes me think of the danger of seeking publicity or media attention.
Sometimes Christians or churches think that any press is good press.
For example, a pastor being asked to pray for a political leader’s inauguration.
It may give publicity and press, but it also changes the message we represent.
Hosting a community event?… call the paper, let the world see and know?…
Our job is not to seek attention, to impress the masses, or to play politics.
Our job is to serve the Lord and people around us, whether others see or not.
The ego is a dangerous thing, and we can forget whose praise we are working for.
Applause is intoxicating, and we may subtly shift our motivation for serving.
There is wisdom in staying humble, laying low, avoiding the spotlight.
Instead let our deeds be our witness… not your photo ops.
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, help me to keep my focus on my true calling, and to let our faithful service stand as it’s own witness.

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