Angry at a depraved world!

“They sell the innocent for silver, and the needy for a pair of sandals.” (Amos 2:6)
Can people become so depraved that they see no value in others.
Amos is announcing God’s anger for how people are abusing others.
Some may say the OT God is angry, but is it any wonder?
We would be angry too… we should be angry too!
Everyday in the news it seems someone is killed by gun in Toronto.
And with frightening frequency, someone is charged with child porn.
Young girls are groomed and then driven into the sex trade.
Preborn children are dismissed as living blobs, not human, and terminated.
Bullies in the playground look for the weak ones to trample.
In politics we see ‘survival of the fittest’ no matter the cost.
We all should be angry – and deeply sad – at our depraved world!
Jesus stands out in this dark world as a burst of goodness and hope.
Because God’s anger flows from God’s love, He sends Jesus to set things right.
Our world is no better than Amos’ world; and our angry God loves us too!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, no wonder You turned over the tables in the temple. Thank You for not destroying us in anger. Thank You for rescuing us in love by absorbing our depravity Yourself, to break it’s power.

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