A disaster of our own making!

THE STORY OF JESUS: Amos 3:1-5:17
“When disaster comes to a city, has not the Lord caused it?” (Amos 3:8).
One week ago a tsunami hit the Indonesian city of Palu, killing over 1400 people.
Based on what Amos says here, did the Lord cause this?
We need to read these words in their context, for their purpose.
Amos is responding to the corruption and depravity among God’s people.
His point throughout is that God is the source of life, not death.
When we abandon God, we abandon life, we step into the maelstrom.
We have unleashed moral, social, economic, environmental disaster in our world.
God has allowed us the freedom to turn from Him, and face the consequences.
God doesn’t stop our self-inflicted suffering, but He uses it to get our attention.
Only in this way can it be said that the Lord ’causes’ disaster.
But through it all, He is pleading with us to come to our senses.
Jesus also warns us, “Unless you repent, you too will all perish.” (Luke 13:3).
Like a parent calling their young child, ‘get off the road, you will be killed!’
Our world needs to heed this warning, for we to are facing disaster!
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, there is no doubt, our world is in crisis. Some of us hide from it, and live in our little bubbles of denial. Open our eyes to see the disaster around us, and open our hearts to take You seriously!

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  1. “yet you have not returned to me,
    declares the Lord.”
    The people have hardened their hearts as in the days of pharoah. He brought the disasters upon himself not listening to the Word of the Lord but insisting upon his own way. No room for God in the inn.
    And today?
    We no longer have room for the Lord and are going our own way, each doing what is right in his own eyes. We see the creation groaning and yet we do not see God. We see man turning against one another and yet we do not see the hand of God. We continue to seek evil and not good..
    We need to have soft hearts that love good and justice and mercy AND return to love God. We need open hearts that listen to His Way and not our own selfish desires.

    Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
    Open the eyes of my heart
    I want to see You, I want to see You
    Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
    Open the eyes of my heart
    I want to see You, I want to see You

    To see You high and lifted up
    Shinin’ in the light of Your glory
    Pour out Your power and love
    As we sing holy, holy, holy

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