Jesus asks hard questions

THE STORY OF JESUS: John 13:31-38
“Will you really lay down your life for me?” (John 13:38)
When we talk with Jesus, He asks really hard questions.
Peter is talking big about his commitment to Jesus.
Jesus probes deep, ‘do you really love me that much?’ (see John 21:15-19)
Do you experience the Spirit probing your heart like this?
This often happens me when we are singing together in church.
‘This is my desire, to honour You!…’; is it really?
‘How great is our God!…’; so tell me, how is God great to you?
‘I love to tell the story…’; really, why do you never tell others?
I also have it often before or after I preach; my words ring in my own ears.
Jesus is not probing to discourage or defeat us.
Jesus probes so that He can break our self confidence.
Our hope is not in ourselves; we are weak but He is strong.
The only way we can grow in Him is if we first face our weaknesses.
Only the gracious love and support of Jesus can help us overcome our weakness.
What do you sense the Lord saying to you?
Lord, I need to admit my struggle, and be real about my need for help. I do not love You as I ought to love You. I do not even want to love You as I ought to love You. But I want to want to love You as I ought to. I need Your help!

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  1. A disciple of Jesus lived as Jesus lived – never leaving Him.
    They loved Jesus and followed Him everywhere.
    This is the trust that is expected of following the leader. Trust and obey in all situations. Be like Jesus for He totally trusted His Father unto death so that you and I can live. That is love in action. Jesus loved us and He commands us to do the same. Sacrificial love. Selfless love.
    May His love for us be seen in us through our living for Jesus.

    Love love love love
    The gospel in one word is love
    Love your neighbor as your brother
    Love love love

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